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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Velvet Underground

From: Kingston-upon-Thames, England


Kingston-upon-Thames quartet YGHD, which is possibly text speak for Younghood, formed out of the ashes of  math rockers Truth About Vegas. Velvet is the only song they've released anywhere and is an astonishingly assured debut. It sounds like a young Placebo on red bull. If the lads from KuT have more songs like Velvet in their locker they'll be rocking the world in 2015. 


YGHD - Facebook

Check out the lads from KuT's alma mater Truth About Vegas...

Beach View

From: Leeds, England

Menace Beach

Leeds band Menace Beach have today shared their video for 'Tastes Like Medicine', the current single from their debut album Ratworld (see the Devil's review of the album here). The film blends live footage and hand-drawn animation to create a unique visual companion to the single, which has been a mainstay of BBC 6 Music's playlist for several weeks.

Tom Hudson, of Pulled Apart By Horses, directed the video: 

"I've already done a couple of music videos for them before: 'Drop Out's' - an eyeball popping / face melting animation and a lofi VHS video for the following single 'Tennis Court'.
"When they asked me to produce a video for their new single 'Tastes Like Medicine' I thought I would try and combine the two together. Menace Beach came out on the road with my band Pulled Apart By Horses on our last UK tour. I shot all the footage over that tour - catching chunks of their sets / soundchecks & just generally goofing about in the different venues.
"After ploughing through the footage when I returned home I started to rotoscope and animate over the top of the footage, trying to keep things frantic and spontaneous (even though animation can be pretty painstaking!) I think the trashy footage and playful animations represent the vibe of the track pretty well. My favourite bit is when the drummer, Nestor is chopping up sausages.... sorry mate!"

Check out the impressive results below:



Menace Beach - Facebook : Website