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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Crime Pays

From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Salford Crime Wave

Salford Crime Wave are from Philadelphia and, I'm surely safe in assuming, are referencing the Montgomery County Salford rather than the Greater Manchester Salford. Although given the anglicised sound of the pumped up Get Well I could be wrong. It's like an echo from the early, pre rave, days of The Hacienda dancefloor, the perfect electro pop song created from the furtively obtained DNA of Depeche Mode, Heaven 17, Renegade Soundwave and Dead or Alive. 



Salford Crime Wave - Website

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Punk in Drublic

From: Providence, Rhode Island, United States

Downtown Boys

I don't want to read too much into this but there could be a punk wind blowing in from across the Atlantic. After yesterday's post on Hard Left covering the Rich Kids new wave classic Ghosts of Princes In Towers today I bring you another snotty, confrontational first wave of punk cover from Rhode Island insurgents Downtown BoysTheir version of If the Kids are United is more a reworking than a straight up cover of the late 70s Sham 69 hit. It's almost unrecognisable from the original with lead screamer Victoria Ruiz proselytizing for almost a minute before they launch into a blistering version that sounds more like X Ray Spex than Jimmy Pursey's mob. Where the original was a rebellious terrace chant Downtown Boys make it sound like a revolutionary statement of intent. 

With comments on the track's Soundcloud ranging from "it's crap", "stupid" and "what the hell is this shit" to "amazing", "soooo good" and "can't stop listening" the US six piece certainly divide opinion. When 99% of the music that's released each week merits little more than a lethargic shrug of the shoulders it's great to hear something that forces the listener to have an opinion. Me. I love it. 



Downtown Boys - Facebook