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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Beach Boys and Girls

From: Leeds, England

Menace Beach

With a name taken from an old Nintendo game where the player controls a skateboarding hero whose girlfriend Bunny has been kidnapped by Demon Dan you'd expect Menace Beach to be a cutesy pop band with electronic leanings. The opening 30 seconds of Tennis Court seems to confirm these suspicions but just when you're dismissing them as another in a long line of sickly sweet wimpy indie bands a blast of distortion kicks in and all preconceptions are blown away. In an instant they transform from Sarah records lite to Dinosaur Jr lite. It's sweet pop with a hard edge like a Jack Daniels based alcopop. 

With the band supported by ex Mansun frontman Paul Draper, including refugees from Sky Larkin, Hookworms and Komakino and a batch of songs in the Tennis Court mould their debut album, Ratworld, scheduled for release in early next year, is a dark horse contender for the best album of 2015 lists. 



Menace Beach - Facebook : Website


Menace Beach
Tennis Court

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Demob Rule

From: Brighton, England

Demob Happy

The rumbling, grumbling Succubus from Brighton foursome Demob Happy sounds like Song 2 era Blur slowed down and wrapped in grime caked gauze. It's sleazier than a Tory politician's snapchat history and will surely be accorded the adjective influential when the history of 2014 is written.



Demob Happy - Facebook : Website