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Sunday, August 31, 2014

New Stuff 31st August 2014

New Stuff

Here's some more great unheard, unheralded and downright unbelievable music that I've not had space for this week... 

Happyness  - You Come to Kill Me?
From: London, England

Trust Fund - Reading The Wrappers
From: Bristol, England

Nice Legs - End
From: Seoul, South Korea

Lowtide - Wedding Ring
From: Melbourne, Australia

Brown Brogues - Getting Caned In The Face With an Ashtray
From: Manchester, England

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Martyrs For The Cause

From: Detroit, United States


Detroit's Protomartyr fly the flag for rumbling, growling post punk with the emphasis on the post. Their second album, Under Color of Official Right, is a taut, austere, angry and judgmental record. Lead growler Joe Casey vents his spleen on lonely alcoholics on album opener Maidenhead, dead beat dads on album highlight Scum, Rise! and everything from adults dressed as children and religious fascists to rank amateur professionals and do nothing know it alls on Tarpeian Rock. The latter track is like Big Hard Excellent Fish's Imperfect List reinterpreted by an angry Mark E Smith. You can't accuse Joe of hiding how he feels he wear his heart and his bile on his sleeve. 

Under Color of Official Right is possibly the best post punk album since Magazine's Real Life which is about the highest praise you're gonna see from this little devil. 



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