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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Saur Point

From: London, England

London five piece Awesome-O-Saurus might have one of the worst band names of 2015 but they make a mighty fine noise. Their latest single, Big Little Deaths, sounds like the B52s on viagra. It hits the spot from the first couple of seconds and builds to a frenzied, explosive climax. It's all over in just over four minutes leaving you drenched in sweat, emotionally and physically drained but blissfully happy. 

Take a listen, it's the most fun that you'll have with your clothes on this week. 



Awesome-O-Saurus - Facebook : Website

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Minds Expanding

From: Liverpool, England

Shrinking Minds

In 2015 the land of the Liver Birds is the go to place for tripped out psych and garage rock.

Another week another bunch of psych rockers creep out of the garages of Liverpool. After the blissed out Oranj Son last week this week's scouse psych rockers are Shrinking Minds with their 
new single Fun a rollicking rocker that's firmly positioned at the punkier end of the psych rock spectrum. 



Shrinking Minds - Facebook