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Friday, April 17, 2015

Fresh Sounds 17th April 2015


Here for your delectation are five amazing tracks to delight your ears and brighten up your weekend...

True Adventures - North Atlantic Ocean

Estrons - Aliens

Rawfolds - I'm A God

Chick Quest - I'm Tired of Pretty Girls

Yeesh - Slip

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Arbour Lights

From: Newcastle, England

Far From The Tree

Regular readers will know that there is a place in my heart reserved for Newcastle quartet Bridie Jackson and the Arbour. Over two exquisite albums they've moved me like no other band or artist has ever moved me. So you won't be surprised to hear that their new single, Far From The Tree, is another heart rending addition to their growing back catalogue of beauty. Hauntingly stunning harmonies and mesmerising urgent, restless strings drive the song on to an angelic conclusion of maudlin violin and intertwined vocals. It's a progression of the band's trademark dark folk sound without transforming it out of all recognition. 

The song that accompanies Far From The Tree (b-side seems so last century), Final Lullaby is much closer to traditional Bridie Jackson and the Arbour territory. A bewitching brew of Bridie's trademark vocals and plaintive strings makes the spine tingle. It could bring a tear to the eyes of a statue. 

There's a purity, a sincerity, a crystal clear clarity to the music of Bridie Jackson and the Arbour that's rare and precious. Roll on album number three.  


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