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Monday, March 19, 2012

Bargain Hunt

Auction For The Promise ClubAuction For The Promise Club
St Agnes, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Cornish indie rockers Auction For The Promise Club took time out from gigging their hearts out to chat with the Devil and share the origins of their name, the strangest place they've played and some money saving tips.

The Devil: I know you're reluctant to reveal how you chose your unusual name but can you give me any clues on why Auction For The Promise Club?

Toby: We were in the Driftwood Spars in St Agnes, Cornwall having a pint when it just stuck... shame it doesn’t stick with anyone else?! haha!

The Devil: What other names did you ponder before deciding it had to be Auction For The Promise Club?

Zoe: The name started before we had!

The Devil: What made you decide to form a band?

Zoe: To make music
Toby: I got involved to help out

The Devil: The history of bands formed by siblings is shall we say somewhat mixed so are Auction For The Promise Club Oasis or Sparks ?

Zoe: Oasis, Toby and I will probably have a big scrap one day luckily we have Perran to sit in the middle and make it all 'ansom!
Toby: Always dramas!

The Devil: What was it like growing up in a small fishing village in Cornwall ? Has this influenced your music or your sound in any way?

Zoe: Probably quite nice. I grew up in North Devon and then moved to Cornwall . Can't say Bideford influenced me much. My 20's in Cornwall definitely more of an influence.

The Devil: Your last tour finished up at the Cavern Club, what was it like treading in the footsteps of Liverpool 's famous sons?

Zoe: Great venue, great city
Toby: The place buzzes with people energy that are stoked to be visiting such a famous smelly club! Back there on the 29th April for Jar Music Live Presents...

The Devil: Where's the strangest place you've played and would you go back there?

Zoe: Faux arts center, Torington, yes definitely
Toby: Yeah Faux Arts is a hidden Jewell in North Devon

The Devil: What was the first record you owned and what was the first record you ever bought with your own money?

Zoe: Mariah Carey on tape I think, kinda remember having a thing about that Hero song. With my own money, Radiohead 'The bends'
Toby: Michael Jackson! hee hee oww.. sorry

The Devil: What makes Auction For The Promise Club stand out from the millions of other bands across the world? What makes you unique?

Toby: Nothing. We are just making music we like playing and seeing what happens really.

The Devil: Which bands or artists on the current music scene make your spine tingle with joy?

Zoe: Been listening to quite a bit of Elbow recently, really starting to appreciate them.
Toby: Cor there is so much out there, Bon Iver is amazing, new stuff like Tigers that Talked, Tall Ships, Tin Roots

The Devil: Tell me something that you've never told anyone before.

Toby: I can drive a digger

The Devil: If you weren't in Auction For The Promise Club how would you keep yourself occupied?

Zoe: Painting, cooking
Toby: Surfing, travelling, making stuff, putting on events or something!

The Devil: If you were interviewing yourself what would your killer question be and how would you answer it?

Toby: what is the meaning of life? have fun!

The Devil: In these recessionary, cash strapped times do you have any money saving tips for the Devil's readers?

Zoe: errr... maybe, dry your tea bags out and re-use them?
Toby: recycle your pants?!

The Devil: Is there anything else you'd like to tell the Devil Has The Best Tuna readers?

Auction For The Promise Club: We are headlining a show at the O2 Academy Islington on the 25th March if anyone would like to come along?

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