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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Far From Standard Fare

Standard Fare
From: Sheffield, United Kingdom

Despite their far too modest name Standard Fare are far from a bog standard indie band. Their jingly jangly bittersweet pop with intelligent lyrics recalls the much missed sound of their Sheffield forebears The Long Blondes. It's not original, it's not novel it may not even be fashionable but when did well written, catchy pop songs performed with elan, panache and not a little energy go out of fashion? I must have missed the email that announced that we must only ever listen to computer generated pap performed by puppets. One second of a Standard Fare song is worth the entire output of Jessie J and her music destroying fifth columnists.

Standard Fare serve up a superior brand of indie loveliness.

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Standard Fare - 051107 by In House Press

Standard Fare "Darth Vader" by Thee SPC

Standard Fare "I Know It's Hard" by Thee SPC

Standard Fare "Fifteen" by Thee SPC

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Standard Fare - Facebook : Website : Last.FM

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Standard Fare
Darth Vader

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