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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Another Fine Mess

From: Newcastle, United Kingdom
O'Messy Life

The Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition attracts a complete cross section of the UK's music scene. From jazz to hard rock from introspective singer/songwriters to egotistical indie rockers, from bands who have been together for five minutes to acts that have been pursuing their dreams for years. 

O'Messy Life have been together for over 4 years and incredibly they have yet to make more than a slight dent in the music public's conscience. This is a combination of bad luck, David their guitarist/pianist cut off his thumb, and the British public's legendary lack of decent musical taste. Escape Velocity is pop music so big it needs it's own planet it sounds like a less egotistical more pop oriented Waterboys, 

O'Messy Life are the real deal and I'm not messing. They're another band to add to the ever growing list of contenders for the top three in what has been a year of impressive entries. I could easily choose a top 20 and they'd all be worthy winners. 

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O'Messy Life - Escape Velocity by Tiny Lights

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O'Messy Life
Little Vehicles

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